Bill Ward

Senior Partner AIFP

The founder and senior partner of Parkgate, Bill has spent 30 years in the financial services industry and his professional approach to dealing with clients has gained him an enviable reputation of one of Merseyside’s leading financial advisers.

His previous experience of advising clients at the Prudential, Abbey National and Yorkshire Building Society has provided him with the skills and empathy to advise and work with a range
of clients.

He has led Parkgate from the front and has seen the company make the transition from a local to a regional practice that now offers a range of service propositions to clients that meet the strict criteria required by the legislators and he is supported by a team of fully qualified advisers whose combined experience is over 100 years.

Bill and his fellow partners have built wealth management programmes that utilise the expertise of top investment managers and cutting edge technology that delivers clients with up to date information on their investments whilst reviewing their portfolios on a regular basis.

He is always available to his clients and prides himself on the strong relationships he builds with his clients.


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