Meet David & Helen

Retirement & Financial Planning Clients

“We love our holidays and have a clear idea of how we’d like to live in retirement. Thanks to Gareth we’ve now got a 10 year plan to make sure that we can afford that lifestyle when the time comes. We wanted someone we can trust to do the right things for us. Now we don’t have to think about it anymore, we’re confident you’ll do the right things and we can just enjoy our quality of life’’.

Meet Shaun & Jemma

Mortgage Advice Clients

‘Parkgate has made a huge difference to our lives because Carl helped us to buy our first home. We were first-time buyers and had never done this before, so it was really helpful to have him take us through the process. He gave us reassurance and a roadmap of what to do next.’


Meet Steve & Barbara

Retirement Planning Clients

‘Working with Bill has changed our lives because his advice has enabled me to take control of my financial future and retire a year earlier than I thought possible. I’m also in a much stronger position financially now than I would have been, thanks to his advice. It’s also allowed my wife Barbara to retire at the same time as me, so thanks to Bill we’ve been able to retire and do the things we enjoy together’.


Meet Maggie & Andy

Retirement Planning Clients

‘We’ve always had a long-term ambition to get a bigger boat and Steve has helped us to achieve that. He’s modelled various scenarios and shown us what’s possible and made it very clear what the risks are with the different options. He’s given us the massive reassurance and confidence that our funds will last. Thanks to Steve and his advice over the years that’s enabled us to build our pension, we can now look forward to enjoying a new phase of our lives whilst still young enough to make the most of it’.

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